This page is dedicated to designs and creations made from some free or old materials or Thrift store finds. 
Resurrected, redesigned, restyled, they got their second chance at life!

Transforming a Boring Shirt into a Cool One
(with recycled materials)

Once in a while, everyone find themselves in a situation when they would like some of the pieces of their wardrobe to be slightly different. Perhaps it's not in style anymore or just it doesn't fit your taste any longer. My problem was a shirt with "sentimental value" with more than one issue.
For this project I have used materials from my "sewing recycle box".

   This is what you need to transform a boring shirt into a charming Provencal shirt:

*beads (different shapes, colours and sizes) - in the colours of the shirt (blue, orange, green, lavender..for my shirt)
*good quality metallic sewing machine thread (blue in my case)
*3 m (length) of white lace stripes, approximately 2-4 cm wide (in the base colour of the shirt)

                                    All you need are beads, lace, metallic thread
and a sewing machine
This is where the change happens: (the sleeves and neck opening.)


Sew the opening with a metallic blue thread to create a nice finish on the edge. I did a zig-zag stitch.
Attach your lace strips to the bottom and sleeves. Use metallic blue thread and a zig-zag stitch.


Make lace bow tie from leftover lace and attach it by hand to the corner of the neck opening.
Start by adding beads as a necklace around the neck opening. I did the front side only, but -if desired- the back side can be beaded too.

Et Voila!
A T-shirt with Charme Provencal.


Fur & leather hobo bag-recycled


...This bag had to have nice lining, many pockets and it had to be made of good leather and fur and of course, it had to please my taste. So I designed " the bag". I didn't have any existing sewing patterns, so I will try to explain the details of making it and sketching it in a fairly amateurish manner. And yes, I used only old and mostly free materials! 
So, for a bag like this, you'll need the materials mentioned below, or you will have to improvise and try to use something similar that will fit your needs
How to organise a sewing:

  1. attach all the pockets to the lining
  2. sew  fabric lining together - bottom and sides (with attached leather pockets)
  3. rim bottom with black leather (suede)
  4. attach  fur pocket to the front side
  5. prepare back side (if you cut front two sides of your jacket with pockets-you have to sew it together and than cut the size like front side)
  6. attach two sides on one side together, sew bottom to the sides, 
  7. sew lining to the bag with flipped top rim to make a tunnel for an opening rope 
  8. attach green pieces to the belt
  9. sew green pieces to the top of the bag
  10. attach fur pieces to the rope ends and insert it to the hollow top of the bag
  11. make decorating green flower and sew it to the front side

parts used and sewing of the bottom pocket

details of the bag: inside pockets, green handle attachment, round bottom with black rim, top opening "rope" with fur ends

Lights-up Puppy backpack

Great for the school, made from recycled parts of fabrics and old favourite puppy toy with two lights up eyes.


Backpack is created from quilted pieces of fun fabric. Than I attached legs:upper for long pens and lower with zipper for some small stuff.
It's fun to go to school in a dark winter mornings when this backpack lights up!

Suede Piggy purse

Birthday present for my little girl. Done in one day!

Recycled material used:
old suede pink skirt,
black and brown leather piece
corduroy and satin leftover fabrics

Pigi's head was made first, from two pieces of pink corduroy. 

 Tail was cut out from brown leather in a shape of swirl and attached to the back just at one side.
Feet were made of black and brown leather sawn together so that brown part comes outside. While sewing main part of the bag I saw in these four legs.
Inside of the bag was made from beautiful satin material in a shape of a cylinder like the outside part.
After completing outer part I connected both parts with a hollow black leather rim. I inserted long shoe tie through so the leather can close this way in a front behind a head.

Wrist band for a hand watch
Recycled material needed:

pieces of suede in different colours
small button


Roses and a band are cut before  the assembling. At the end attach a button for the wrist .

Leather necklace

old necklace with beads
pieces of leather and suede in different colours
fabric glue
good sharp scissors

Leather woven bag

My first bag made on the loom from old leather skirts, fur and rope

Leather woven beret

All reused parts again: leather skirts and my long woven material that I plan to use for many projects.


My first project on the loom where I combined some left over cotton and wool treads.

It's small scarf but since it's my first weaving without any previous training or classes, I'm very happy about it.

Wild cat wallet-purse

Beginner craft. One of the first I did where I discovered that it's possible to make something out of nothing, from pieces of fabrics leathers etc..

Elephant backpack

Similar to previous Dog backpack, I was making this one from quilted skirt and old leather pants.