Summer 2011 will stay forever remembered by amazing trip to France and Italy.
I hope these photos can little bit transfer bit of culture, food and scenery of these always desired places to visit.


French Provence and Riviera

Menton - one of the most beautiful cities I've seen


View over Monaco

Balkan region
(Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia&Herzegovina) 

Oahu- Hawaii

Going to Hawaii is like going to paradise, in every way. Scenery, food, art, people's creations, life..

Somewhere under the rainbow..

There is a place for everyone here

Surf heaven

Surfboards made by local artists in North Shore.

Markets of Haleiva

Dress, surfboard, .. or alligator (in the window)

Honolulu's Arts and Crafts Market


Self Grilling at Shorebird Restaurant at Honolulu

Giovanni's Shrimps

Shaved Ice

Best place for shaved ice : M. Matsumoto place


Maui- Hawaii

Not that long ago, I went to Maui for a family vacation. Maui is a great place if  you have a desire to spend some time far away from a noisy town that's full of smog. Nature is untouched, beaches are as any other in Hawaii, sandy and calming. The locals are laid back and friendly, almost as if you're family. So if you prefer a quiet, relaxed atmosphere -in one word- real nature, this is it. Rent a beach house or a cabin close to the beach, fill a fridge with a food, forget about dinner clothes and enjoy solitude. Or go be pampered and surrounded by jet-set in an exclusive place, like The Grand Wailea Hotel, all while enjoying the beach view from a room window or the cabana, and possibly being worried about your bank account. Wherever you go, you're sure to have a great stay, even if you're "lucky" enough to pick a week during a rain season. The last few months of a year can be really rainy. The island is not very big, and even if you don't have a car, you can still see some important spots with the local public transit system that operates around the island. Great view points are everywhere, from Kihei beaches to the amazing Road to Hana and Seven sacred pools. And climbing Haleakala Volcano: just unforgettable! Old town of Lahaina with a more than hundred years old baobab tree, full of artists and great little stores is also interesting place to visit.
Amazing local fish is hard to find anywhere else outside of Hawaii, and I recommend it to anyone who loves real saltwater fish, as a must. Between Wahoo/Ono, Opakapaka or Opah, it is hard to decide. Any fish store or even big supermarket has a varieties of seafood. So if you plan to have a great feast at your rented home, barbecue is recommended. Another great dish is Poke, an ethnic seafood salad, Japanese influenced; usually great as an appetizer or light lunch. And taro root chips makes a great snack! Little bit heavier dish is famous Kalua pig prepared traditionally in a beach ground, and it is now available, not only as a part of a hotel's excursions and field trips, but at many local deli and gourmet stores. There is no pork like Kalua pork!
In one word, the taste of any local fresh food in Hawaii, has so much more flavor than anywhere else in North America.
And those dark-chocolate covered Kona coffee beans... heavenly!

(summer 2010)

It's a great place to spend a summer!

Seattle (USA)

Unique, and in many way special, Seattle is great city to spend  weekend and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Big Island - Hawaii
There is no place like Big Island, so wild but still so heavenly!


There is no place like Malta.
I've spent an unforgetable University graduate trip and still hoping that one day I will return.
Little unusual place, an island, tenth smallest country in the world, rich history..I will return..
These photos, recently recovered, bring back memories and good old times, when we were young. Back to 1990!

Find Waldo in the crowd celebrating one of Maltese's biggest holiday - St Joseph

High cliffs, great nature and climate even in March

In famous Blue Grotto (I loved that jacket, obviously..)

Streets of Birzerbbuga on rainy day

You cannot lose yourself in Malta, sea is visible from every spot!..

VANCOUVER  - events

Some past events around Vancouver I attended...

Brasil Days - August 2011


Chinese New Year Parade 2011 
(More photos from the Parade 2011 in Chinatown Vancouver) 

Polar bear swim (1st of January 2011)
It happens every year on English Bay. This year is probably one of the hardest one, temperature outside was around 0 C and water around 5 C.Over two thousand people attended.Only the bravest swam. Mostly, it was just to put a feet in the ocean, and get that badge. 

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