Sunday, October 30

Handwoven pencil skirt

It is quite difficult, these days, to find some unique and interesting, longer length skirts in stores around a town.
I guess, it's all about showing what ever you have, but it's just not my style and time.
I wanted to make an elegant, pencil skirt, that would finally cover my knees.

I decided to try on my new 8 shaft loom, create some interesting pattern that I couldn't make on my 4 shafter.. Experiment worked, and it looked really interesting at the end - see it for yourself. Five colors for the warping treads, I picked to be neutral, trying to avoid too bright colors for skirts or coats.

But yes, I have in plan few projects with more bright colors.

Weaving didn't take so long, as expected, couple of weekends, but again, it was the designing and sewing that took some time. At first, I had completely different shape in mind but when I discovered, at the end, that I will not have enough fabric to make it, things started to complicate..I created my pattern by draping and when I lay it over my fabric, there was no enough for the A line skirt
Fortunately, I still had one long and narrow piece of fabric that I made last year.

Then I decided to make pencil shape, but had to put all these pieces to work together. Basic idea was, to make skirt from three woven sheets: two at the front and one at back, but for my size, I needed to be more wide. And that I got with black pieces.

So the front part is hand stitched as I wanted to get illusion of one brown piece at the front (it's actually two pieces, like you see at the back). I decided to cut old black pieces and put them in the back, symmetrically to the sides, and insert zipper in one of the sides, but off the regular side of the skirt. It worked as a camouflage for the zipper..If you look at the photo of the back of the skirt, the zipper is where black touches brown back piece. Not ordinary, but it turned out very unique.

Again, I have to thank "Diana" my mannequin, for constructing such a nice fitting garment!
                    This is one of the first design attempts to create an garment with a use of this fabric:

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