Monday, January 18

Recent hadcrafted projects

I was quite lazy these past few months. I guess it' the cold weather..
There were few projects I did, but didn't put them on the blog. One is new handwoven cotton top and the other is big woven wool shawl. First is more summery craft and the second for winter colds. Oh yes, I also forgot the skirt I made for my daughter's birthday.
In December, I also attended Greater Vancouver Weavers and Spinners Guild
Holiday meeting, and really enjoyed being part of the great community of weavers and spinners of this city!  Looking forward to meet all of the amazing ladies again!
The Guild is holding Weaving Course this winter and fall in Langara Collage! Great way to learn to weave from the experts!

The Guild is holding Weaving Course this winter and fall.
Cotton top

Handwoven from all cotton threads. Made from one piece, cut out at the top

I was concern to use this thick pink wool in weaving but skipping every other harnesses created very soft scarf with loads of character. Cheerful color combination and use of special threads with little " pom-pom"extensions added nice touch and gave personality to the scarf - same as my daughter is: vivid and feminine, as it was made for her.
It should probably be longer, as it is quite wide. It is the best in combination with some brown coat.
It is quite warm, more for Russian winter then for Vancouver..but it can be worn as a poncho.



I was inspired for a long time with this colorful fabric and wanted to make something interesting and unique. I had no patterns but some eight piece strech skirt as a control for a size and part fitting. This skirt is made from seven main pieces and top parts with attached belt. I have used three different fabrics: colorful cotton, denim and dark green corduroy (seen at the top and used for the back parts).
She really liked the skirt along with all of her friends.