Friday, June 13

Cotton handwoven bag

This is my first bag made on four shaft loom and made of cotton treads and back leather leftover accent pieces.
I wanted to exercise some patterns designed recently, so I made a combination of them during weaving. Later on I decided to combine it with black leather edges and handles. Inside is lining I made from beautiful pink cotton fabric where I attached some pockets already pre created in some old bags I use for part sourcing.

Since I never use any patterns for creation of my items, I wasn't sure how to convert big piece of woven clothe I made on my four shaft loom, into not funny shaped bag. Researching on internet gave me few ideas what I can do to convert it to good looking bag that can open and close at top. No braking of needles this time during sewing of leather pieces over woven fabric, I guess it wasn't that bulky!
I think I did pretty good job, especially with finishing. It looks very professionally done. At the end I even did some embroidery!
Well I'm getting quite processional with all my tools...Such a enjoyable and fun work!