Friday, May 2

Hand Woven Skirt

So, here is, finally, my long desired and meticulously designed, hand woven skirt.
It took loads of work and time at the end, especially, sewing and "modeling" of one piece of woven fabric to a skirt. No patterns used.

It was imagined to be a "folded" skirt but it had to change after weaving since my woven fabric was kind a too tick to have it overlapped even a side. So this became only good solution, to connect it at a front.


I used:
5 rolls of beige cotton thread (used only for weaving)
3 rolls of dark blue cotton thread (for warping and belt weaving)
1 roll of pink silk thread for edge of skirt (used in warping) and at a beginning of weaving to get 2 pink stripes in the middle of skirt
1 roll of green silk thread (used same as pink)


I used this simple pattern after finishing with skirt to weave belt

Sewing and styling