Wednesday, January 15

How to make socks dolls

My long term goal has always been to learn how to make shoes. I know it's little bit more complicated than weaving etc.. Hopefully I'll get there one day. Meantime during one of my "treasure hunts" trough old books, I have found this amazing craft book, from 1981 -"Doll-maker's workshop" by Vera P. Guild.

It is amazing how you can make dolls from almost anything you can find, even corn cobs! So I decided to make one for my girls, although they are older now, they still love dolls. This book inspired me to make doll by using little bit of old socks and wool and some pipecleaners (or wired wool like I had) and it's done in one evening, almost without any sewing.

I just sew hair and face to attach pieces to the head. I have used two different socks, one for the body and head (pink) and black for the dress. Wired blue string was used for bow-tie and arms and legs made in one piece.

Legs and arms can even move!