Saturday, December 27

Hand woven coasters

From the recently finished hand woven fabric, I made these little coasters for my friends.
A little loop at the each coaster is for hanging and easy storage.

They all are differently designed, since I cut them out from one large piece that had variety of patterns used during process of weaving.

I got across the few problems to shape them into circles:
to maintain perfect circle,
to retain them flat, after machine zig-zag finishing edges

After few unsuccessful attempts to make them flat by ironing, I finally decided to do the finishing of the edges manually and fix issue of "weaves". It was time consuming but it worked at the end. I got these coasters in decent shape!

Tuesday, December 16

Quick bags made on circular loom, great and easy made gift!

Some great ideas and quick projects can be made on round loom, and mostly my yungest daughter loves to create hats on them, but I also did few bags.
You can make some funny looking bags with just a little bit of imagination:

I made bags and hat is made by my daughter Mila with pompom that looks like a frog at the top

Friday, December 12

New wool woven fabric

Me and my daughter weaving and fabric I did

It was a long term work, but I'm done now and ready for couple of projects: winter coat, dress, bags, poncho etc.. We'll see how many items I can make from approximately 5m of woven fabric I made in the last few months.

That's why I wasn't posting much, I was busy. It could have been done earlier, but I worked on it really relaxing this time. I am still in phase of brainstorming the coat since main reason I did this fabric is that I wanted to make some unique warm winter coat I can call mine.  No pattern again, but have some idea how I want it to look like. I got some books from the library to learn how to put lining and collars on the coat, how to make it more strong with some glued fabrics?!

I'll keep you updated how it develops. Dress first and then coat? Probably.
There is little variety woven in the fabric so I'll try to use that.

Monday, September 29

Quilted Travel Bag

 As my daughter had her birthday last week I wanted to do something new this year as a gift.
With a new sewing machine that has all theses bells and whistles for quilting, I thought that it might be good idea to make a bag. But this time not just a bag, but big travel bag that will be just hers, personalized and made as a gift and puzzle from all the family.

As her sister and dad created one of the ornaments, I completed the job with all of her favorite characters from early years and even some drawings that she did when she was
just one year old - Mister O. 

That was actually her firs drawing of people so I found it amusing to put there.

Thursday, September 11

Transforming a Scarf into summer Dress

Four steps - How to make dress from long scarf

I just got this idea...
When I went around some sales last week, Zara store had some interesting long men scarf for six bucks. I just call them interesting since I'm not sure what men would wear these bright and huge shawls. 
But they looked pretty tempting to me since they were so cheep and good. I usually dig trough thrift stores to get some cheep materials for my crafts and they are sometimes new sometimes not, but I just couldn't miss this opportunity! I had in mind that I could do something with it, and since it was long, the dress first came to mind. My daughter was excited too, she knew that this combination of colors looks best on her.
Well, she was completely right!


So, Tuesday night was little bit longer for me..
But she was so happy in the morning when she found out the final product. I took her measurements and draw the sketch in the evening, and we agreed on length and shape. So I started from there. Only concern was, would it be easy to put it on, since I didn't want to cut any openings for zipper etc..
It supposed to be easy, few steps dress, as I explained to her when we got the fabric (I mean scarf). I wanted in some way to prove that you can really easily convert scarf to dress.


Wednesday, July 23

Hand woven crop-top

I used five cotton threads and side inserts were woven additionaly.

It goes well with my bag. 

Friday, June 13

Cotton handwoven bag

This is my first bag made on four shaft loom and made of cotton treads and back leather leftover accent pieces.
I wanted to exercise some patterns designed recently, so I made a combination of them during weaving. Later on I decided to combine it with black leather edges and handles. Inside is lining I made from beautiful pink cotton fabric where I attached some pockets already pre created in some old bags I use for part sourcing.

Since I never use any patterns for creation of my items, I wasn't sure how to convert big piece of woven clothe I made on my four shaft loom, into not funny shaped bag. Researching on internet gave me few ideas what I can do to convert it to good looking bag that can open and close at top. No braking of needles this time during sewing of leather pieces over woven fabric, I guess it wasn't that bulky!
I think I did pretty good job, especially with finishing. It looks very professionally done. At the end I even did some embroidery!
Well I'm getting quite processional with all my tools...Such a enjoyable and fun work!

Friday, May 2

Hand Woven Skirt

So, here is, finally, my long desired and meticulously designed, hand woven skirt.
It took loads of work and time at the end, especially, sewing and "modeling" of one piece of woven fabric to a skirt. No patterns used.

It was imagined to be a "folded" skirt but it had to change after weaving since my woven fabric was kind a too tick to have it overlapped even a side. So this became only good solution, to connect it at a front.


I used:
5 rolls of beige cotton thread (used only for weaving)
3 rolls of dark blue cotton thread (for warping and belt weaving)
1 roll of pink silk thread for edge of skirt (used in warping) and at a beginning of weaving to get 2 pink stripes in the middle of skirt
1 roll of green silk thread (used same as pink)


I used this simple pattern after finishing with skirt to weave belt

Sewing and styling

Tuesday, April 15

Latest loom work - Skirt and Men Scarf

I got busy last month, weaving shawl for my husband and a skirt for me.
Skirt still has to be assembled and completed, but shawl was done.

It was little bit difficult to make something for a man, with my female brain and fashion sense. I started first with choosing colors: dark and neutral. For warping dark blue mostly and some green and brown tones.
He liked it and I'm happy to do this hardest weaving job design up to now! And most precise, I'm proud.

My skirt is close to finish, weaving is done, it's the technique I am now brainstorming how to close it. It is a bit wider than I planned but I decided to go with it without cutting it.
Last night I finished a belt, not how I imagined, but it might fit, so it will be done finally this week.

Stay tuned for the skirt!

Saturday, February 8

Woven short top

                                  I have made new woven item for my daughter, a woven short top.

Got few mistakes and problems, but survived at the end.
Few lessons learned, weaving is complex job!..
But so fun!

 Learned some great patterns, and created my own.

Wednesday, January 15

How to make socks dolls

My long term goal has always been to learn how to make shoes. I know it's little bit more complicated than weaving etc.. Hopefully I'll get there one day. Meantime during one of my "treasure hunts" trough old books, I have found this amazing craft book, from 1981 -"Doll-maker's workshop" by Vera P. Guild.

It is amazing how you can make dolls from almost anything you can find, even corn cobs! So I decided to make one for my girls, although they are older now, they still love dolls. This book inspired me to make doll by using little bit of old socks and wool and some pipecleaners (or wired wool like I had) and it's done in one evening, almost without any sewing.

I just sew hair and face to attach pieces to the head. I have used two different socks, one for the body and head (pink) and black for the dress. Wired blue string was used for bow-tie and arms and legs made in one piece.

Legs and arms can even move!