Friday, November 8

Fast and easy weaving tools!

Weaving doesn't have to be complicated and elaborate work as done on regular weaving loom. It can be easy and very quick. You just have to craft stores or some thrift stores and look for unusual items with loads of short rods or almo
st like needles sticking out from some frames. That's also called a loom!

If you want to do something interesting, different and fast - that's tool for you. Since I always look for something new, I tried it, well actualy my daughter tried it first, since she's so handy and fast, she made her a hat in one afternoon and then I continued to make this little bag (no sewing involved)on a round loom and my daughter made this little hexagonal rug on hexagonal loom with differnt technique. Still easy and fun, recomended for everyone to try!

Circular loom: This weaving looks more like a knitting but it's so much easier and you need only one needle to work with directly on the loom loop. This bag was done in one day and I just attached the button at the end. There is no sewing of the edges!
Tool needed to "knit" on the loom

This is what I used to make this little purse

Hexagonal loom: Produce weaving just like on the regular loom, not that dense but qith thicker wool, better density. Work is zig-zag type, One direction done first and than continue going trough "warp up and down. It could posibly make bigger bags, rugs etc.. Great old tool found in thrift store without instructions. You can find anything on teh internet now, even the old instructions and tools from the fifties!

Starting with weft

Completed on the loom frame

Taking woven cloth of the loom