Saturday, March 30

Funky Clutch Purse

It's new and fancy, but at same time funky... I just happened to have these beautiful handles and piece of my woven fabric cut from previous sewing, and here it is, another one from my woven collection:

Front and back are different, not only because front has the orange tie but also because the weaving is differently done, with a different leather and wool.

It was not easy to place those metal parts of the handles and attach them to the edge of bag. My sewing machine was just too simple for that task. So i will make some final gluing to mask uneven sewing.

One orange pocket has been attached at the inner side. I usually like bags with many compartments and [pockets, because  it's so much easier to organise all the stuff I usually take with me. This time I was modest, because it should be the bag for special occasions, not just an ordinary everyday bag.

It;s still big enough to place many things inside!

This is before I attached the orange "clutch" tie. It gives some accent to the bag and is necessary to make it close.
Just few more final touches  (if possible) with my sewing machine and is ready to go... vacation, what else!