Monday, February 4

One Chic Purse

It's made from, again, all recycled leather and fur and from the woven fabric I made last month on my loom.
It's a special bag, made for my big girl's special day!

I wanted it to look chic and unusual. The idea came from the toy house, my daughters loved to play with, who looked like a mushroom.
There was another piece of woven fabric dedicated to this creation but somehow when I started to design it, these other pieces worked better together.
The most difficult part was adjusting of the top to the bottom so it covers partially the bag, but still easily slide to open. Because of that I attached at the last minute little swirly "pull" part. Inside, it has two pockets and this outer woven part is actually pocket too, to fit anything in a size of a phone or bigger player device.

I don't have a pattern and I didn't draw one while making this bag, so it's hard to explain how I made it in details, but it was made in one day (night).

few more parts remain from this to use in next crafts
Since I had more problems than usual with my sewing machine and broke couple of needles while sewing this bag, I'll probably have to find some solution soon to fix it or find another one that can saw the leather without any complications!