Monday, January 14

Woven girls purse

From my long woven leather/wool "fabric", I created this cute purse.


I went for trapezoid shape, wider at the bottom

From the part of fabric I made earlier on my loom, I made few things and still have some to make.
While I was weaving I had in my head few projects: a hats and bags, so I made few visual "separations" for easier cutting of this fabric. It's important to know that these types of weaving (with thick wool or leather parts) are not easy to cut without losing few treads! I just learned that and had some problems fixing it. Once you lose treads inside of the woven material, it's almost impossible to recover it.

Some accents: a fur outside pocket I just attached on 

I used fancy fabric for inside pockets and lining.

Wednesday, January 2

Leather Woven Beret

I was looking for a hat to match my new woven bag and decided to make a beret.

From a pieces of old suede skirt and leather woven fabric, just made from my loom, I created this hat.

First,I had to make woven fabric, similarly to the pattern of my recently made bag.

This is the fabric that I made last week to create couple of pieces from it. Couple of diferent segments of weaving should produce couple of diferent pieces of : bags, hats etc..I'm still not sure what will I come up with..My pieces are on the go, they create themselfs while I do the craft, I usualy don't have a plan.
So, I cut one piece of the weaving for my beret and cut out two circles from the suede skirt in a size of my head. One "ring " should attache to the weaving piece and the other should be the opening of the hat. Meantime I saw lining of the beret in the same size, coping the suede cut out pieces.
This is inside, covering weaving piece, that is visible outside.

Little knots on the woven part are intentionaly made during weaving, by previously making knots on a cut out leather strips. This piece has six different laether types strips and four wool-ropes.