Monday, December 3

Leather and fur woven handbag

New project on my loom

Made of recycled leather and fur pieces cut into strips and woven on loom.

This is my second project on the loom. I wasn't really sure if it will work because I haven't seen anything woven with this type of material anywhere else - strips of leather and fur. But I had to try it anyway.


1. Preparing loom - calculating amount of cotton needed to make a bag of the size of double A4 book/ warping with black cotton.

2. Preparing a weft

3. Weaving and at the same time designing it, because I had no idea until I started to weave, how will all these pieces work together.

4. Finally making a bag, by sewing woven piece with a side pieces of leather and attaching a handle

5. Sewing the inside from an unused red drape and attaching it to the completed bag.

6. Making all the details

 7. Making sure that everything is glued and attached together without falling apart.