Thursday, August 30

Cool Girl's Summer Dress - Reborn from old clothes - 2 hours project

This summer dress was made in two hours, cutting including.

Process was:

1.find three pieces of wardrobe that matches,
2.brainstorm the dress from those three pieces
3.cut out the pieces to overlap a bit other parts
4.saw main pieces together
5. try fitting before proceeding more
6. if it fits go to details, if not-fix the problem
(I had a problem with head opening-it was too small, so I cut a line trough a purple top and attached pink shirt strips to cover it. It is hard to see any problem there, it looks even better with that.)
7.attach any detail you like: ribbons, pockets etc...

  Bottom part was cut completely from the yellow dress, but re sized because it was too wide.

Pockets are made from pink shirt leftovers

 Upper part consists of all the cloth pieces: purple mini dress created main body,
pink shirt collar and partly top was cut out and attached to the purple top and sleeves are cut out from yellow dress extra parts.

Heart shaped pocket made from pink shirt and attached ribbon