Thursday, May 31

Fur & leather hobo bag-recycled

Hobo bag - recycled


...This bag had to have nice lining, many pockets and it had to be made of good leather and fur and of course, it had to please my taste. So I designed " the bag". I didn't have any existing sewing patterns, And yes, I used only old and mostly free materials! So for those people that are already asking me if I can reproduce it, it's hard!

Use:old leather and fur
small and medium size pieces of green, black and beige leather and suede
belt buckles
sewing needles for leather
sewing machine

How to organise a sewing:

  1. attach all the pockets to the lining
  2. sew  fabric lining together - bottom and sides (with attached leather pockets)
  3. rim bottom with black leather (suede)
  4. attach  fur pocket to the front side
  5. prepare back side (if you cut front two sides of your jacket with pockets-you have to sew it together and than cut the size like front side)
  6. attach two sides on one side together, sew bottom to the sides, 
  7. sew lining to the bag with flipped top rim to make a tunnel for an opening rope 
  8. attach green pieces to the belt
  9. sew green pieces to the top of the bag
  10. attach fur pieces to the rope ends and insert it to the hollow top of the bag
  11. make decorating green flower and sew it to the front side

details of the bag: inside pockets, green handle attachment, round bottom with black rim, top opening "rope" with fur ends

Friday, May 11

Puppy school backpack


Lights-up eyes Puppy bag from favourite toy

Great for the school, made from recycled parts of fabrics and old favourite puppy toy with two lights up eyes.

Backpack is created from quilted pieces of fun fabric. Than I attached legs:upper for long pens and lower with a zipper for some small stuff.
It's fun to go to school in a dark winter mornings when this backpack lights up!