Monday, December 3

Leather and fur woven handbag

New project on my loom

Made of recycled leather and fur pieces cut into strips and woven on loom.

This is my second project on the loom. I wasn't really sure if it will work because I haven't seen anything woven with this type of material anywhere else - strips of leather and fur. But I had to try it anyway.


1. Preparing loom - calculating amount of cotton needed to make a bag of the size of double A4 book/ warping with black cotton.

2. Preparing a weft

3. Weaving and at the same time designing it, because I had no idea until I started to weave, how will all these pieces work together.

4. Finally making a bag, by sewing woven piece with a side pieces of leather and attaching a handle

5. Sewing the inside from an unused red drape and attaching it to the completed bag.

6. Making all the details

 7. Making sure that everything is glued and attached together without falling apart.

Thursday, November 29

Holiday Cards

If you're thinking about getting and sending them again this year, why not making them yourself this year?!
Little bit of effort to make Holiday Cards is fun and great present for anyone you care.

It's so easy to make that even child can do it.
If it's crafty of course, like mine...

You need some papers in different colours and some pompoms. Make sure that you have one size bigger envelopes if your pompoms are large like ours!

You can see more on Mila the Main's blog how to make it:

Thursday, November 15

Weaving on the loom - My first project

My first project on a real weaving loom!

I have never weaved before and I wanted to try it for so long!
Finally, I got my first table loom last week.
So I went to library to get some weaving books and did some internet research and watched few videos. I started seriously learning over the weekend.
It was little complicated, I must say, if you don't have anyone to show you personally how to do it. The most important thing is to understand what and why you're doing some steps.
So after total disappointment that I can understand it, I decided to start anyhow with my own plan.

The principle of weaving and the most important point is to put your "net" of treads on the loom to began weaving.
Start weaving is the easiest part and a real art and imagination.

My counting didn't go well so instead of wide scarf I got a tiny one, but that's not a big deal, I liked it!

Tuesday, October 30

Halloween Pumpkin Designs!

 Halloween pumpkin carving:
make it personal,
do it yourself!

Original image that lead to my own zombie template

It's Halloween and time for spooky costumes, pumpkins and other weird stuff.
Pumpkin lanterns are one of the traditions for this event and pumpkin carving can be real art.
The carving technique is that messy and fun activity for the whole family that you don't want to miss!
First you need to get some tools for carving. You can find them in Dollar and Craft Stores. The most important part is a little saw that cut trough the pumpkin. With that little tool you can create a masterpiece! 

Pumpkin carving from template to lantern

I came up this year with an idea to personalise pumpkins. Basically, to make yourself a zombie in carved in pumpkin lantern. Here is how:

Transfer image to translucent paper
Created image from the photo

Pick portrait that you like and make it look more spooky with the software that you have on computer (it can be Picasa etc..) Print out the image like I did on first photo for Gollum and put translucent paper over. Now draw the closed similar lines around a shape of eyes, nose etc.. Make a copy to the white paper and colour in one colour parts that will be cut out.

Create a template by drawing closed lines (coloured area must be cut out)
How to carve the pumpkin:
Cut a lid at the top of the pumpkin and take out a pulp and seeds completely so that inside of the pumpkin is truly clean(use spoon). Prepared image template transfer on the paper (use copy machine), put over the pumpkin and start cutting out parts with carving saw: indicated smaller parts of the image that you coloured with a different colour, like I did mine. When you're done, clean your pumpkin and put some candle light inside.

You have your masterpiece - personalised Halloween pumpkin!

More of the personalised templates


More ideas around a town!

Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 18

Wooly Toys

Visit to Japanese stores here in Vancouver is always fun. These little craft wool toys were so fun for my girls and myself. It's simple technique that you can develop further.
You just need few pompoms and pieces of fabric etc.. and voila!

Needed: couple of different coloured wools,
              two cardboard rings to make pompoms
              fabric to cut attached legs, noses etc...
             screws for the eyes

Wednesday, October 17

Fuzzy Fringe slippers-from the old Craft Magazine

Long time ago, I had a sweater that I loved so much that it took me long time to accept that I will not be able to wear it anymore. My arms just became too big and they were sticking trough the sleeves in not anymore acceptable limits. It was made by my mom.
Funny little sweater was gone trough the time but never forgotten! It was always in my hearth and when I found this amusing magazine, memories came back to those crazy Seventies!

This old Canadian Magazine from (I'm guessing) fifties, I found in a Thrift store. It looks very inspirational!
Some pages were missing, where the instructions were, but the idea and inspiration counts.

So if you are skillful with knitting, these "Fringe slippers" will be an easy project for you.

With some great wool and colours, this could be an amazing present!

I hope it inspired you!

I don't have a complete instructions but the inspiration is all you need if you are skillful in knitting.

Thursday, August 30

Cool Girl's Summer Dress - Reborn from old clothes - 2 hours project

This summer dress was made in two hours, cutting including.

Process was:

1.find three pieces of wardrobe that matches,
2.brainstorm the dress from those three pieces
3.cut out the pieces to overlap a bit other parts
4.saw main pieces together
5. try fitting before proceeding more
6. if it fits go to details, if not-fix the problem
(I had a problem with head opening-it was too small, so I cut a line trough a purple top and attached pink shirt strips to cover it. It is hard to see any problem there, it looks even better with that.)
7.attach any detail you like: ribbons, pockets etc...

  Bottom part was cut completely from the yellow dress, but re sized because it was too wide.

Pockets are made from pink shirt leftovers

 Upper part consists of all the cloth pieces: purple mini dress created main body,
pink shirt collar and partly top was cut out and attached to the purple top and sleeves are cut out from yellow dress extra parts.

Heart shaped pocket made from pink shirt and attached ribbon

Wednesday, July 11

Hawaiian Kukui nuts jewelry

From Hawaii, there is one unique design of jewelry all natural... Women there, love to make everything from what the nature gave them. And it is the most beautiful and unique design that you can see around.

Kukui nuts are collected and than processed by hand to get fine and smooth surface. This plant is also used all the time by locals for sunburns and any other skin problem. It is very good and I always buy one when I go to Hawaii, because it is virtually impossible to get it anywhere else.

Kukui nuts are also combined with different see shells in jewelry creation.

I attended a class at Honolulu and leaned to make these:

raw kukui nuts

coloured kukuis

prepared strips for necklaces
it's easy, design yourself!

                                                                    In combination with shells!